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In hair transplants, hair follicles - also known as grafts - are moved from the hair ring at the back of the head to the treatment area. That can be the scalp, but also the eyebrows. Because the hairs that grow in the hair ring are immune to hair loss, they also continue to produce lifelong hair at their new location. The hair follicles can be moved in different ways. Which way is most suitable for you, you determine together with your surgeon.

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  • FUE
    hair transplantation

    The grafts - also called hair follicles - are removed from the hairline one by one from the hair and placed in a special growth liquid. Thanks to this liquid, the chance of survival is increased, so that the hair grows faster and better. The hairs are then transplanted into the treatment area. This method does not leave any visible scars.

  • FUT
    hair transplantation

    From a strip of skin that is removed from the hair ring on the back of the head, grafts are taken which - after treatment with a special growth liquid - are placed in the treatment area. Shaving is not necessary with this treatment. That makes this technique also ideal for women.

  • Eyebrow transplantation
    and implantation

    The surgeon removes hair from the hair ring on the head using the FUE technique. These are placed in growth fluid before they are placed in the eyebrow. The surgeon pays special attention for the growth direction of the eyebrow for a natural result.

Curious about what a hair transplantation
can mean for you?

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