Hair Loss

Normally speaking, a hair remains in the scalp for three to five years. After this period, the hair falls out and a rest period of three months follows. Subsequently, a new hair starts to develop in the follicle and the cycle is repeated. Each follicle can produce about twenty hairs before it dies off. Because each hair remains in the follicle for three to five years, you should only really go bald after 60 to 100 years. Why do some people still suffer from hair loss? Read more

Hair loss in men and women is common and is mainly determined by heredity - in other words, you cannot avoid it without specific resources.  Read more

Researchers in America have succeeded in extracting stem cells from a hair follicle, multiplying them and transplanting the follicles to the scalp where they grow again. And this is just the beginning.  Read more

Based on this analysis, the medical advisor will be able to see which hair restoration treatment is best for you. Read more