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Frequently asked questions | Transhair

What are the benefits of an FUE hair transplant?

The treatment is comfortable and almost painless. It does not leave any visible scars.  In addition, if a large amount of grafts are required, it is possible to transplant them over a two-day period.

Is a hair transplant reimbursed by health insurance?

No, generally it is not.  Only if you can prove that the effect of hair loss is causing great psychological distress, there is a chance of compensation. However, it may be possible to deduct the cost of a hair transplant from your Income Tax as part of special expenses.

Is a hair transplant possible with curly hair?

Yes, we also treat people with curly hair. The transplant technique is more complex because the hair also curls underneath the skin.  However, our medical team has mastered this technique well and can also provide excellent results for people with curly hair. 

How many hair transplants do I need?

This depends on your current hair situation, your age and if you are still losing hairs. Especially if you have a hair transplantation at a young age. Although all transplanted grafts will remain and produce new hairs for the rest of your life, any existing hair may still fall out at a later stage. In that case, you may need an additional treatment.

What can I expect from a free consultation?

Simply put, to answer all of your questions that you need to know before you can make a choice for a hair transplant. For example, if you are suitable for a transplant, which method is best for you and how many grafts are needed for the best and natural result? You also want to know what it will cost, what kind of results to expect and whatever is involved in the treatment. But it is also an opportunity to experience the atmosphere in our clinic, meeting our people and see the treatment facilities.

Why would I choose Transhair?

First of all you should choose Transhair because of our vast experience in the field of hair transplants. Our doctors are specialists and have many years of experience in performing all hair transplant methods (FUE, FUT and HairStemcel method) and this makes their mastery of the art (which comes with experience) excellent. This is a major advantage compared to other clinics. The quality also comes from our investments in technology and the extent to which we go far beyond the legal requirements for quality and excellence. Transhair is a member of ZKN (Independent Clinics Netherlands). This membership you earn if everything has been arranged to perfection. We also give an assurance of quality in the form of a lifetime warranty growth.

How long does it take until my scalp is completely healed after a treatment?

Approximately 10 days after the treatment, there is almost nothing visible of a hair transplant. To recover properly, you are advised to refrain from any strenuous activities during the three weeks after the treatment. The specialists of Transhair will inform you about optimal recovery after your treatment.

Do I need to use medication with a hair transplant?

It is not mandatory to use drugs for hair loss. Some people prefer to use drugs; others want to know nothing about it. During the first consultation, we discuss all possibilities and take into account your personal preferences.

Can the clinic prescribe medications?

We can prescribe medications when required.

Are there alternatives if I am not suitable for a hair transplant?

There is a possible alternative treatment called micro hair pigmentation or in other words pigmentation of the scalp. This is a treatment in which your donor hair is not being used. Click here for more inforamtion.

Is a hair transplant painful?

No. The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia and is therefore comparable to a visit to the dentist. You will also receive painkilling drugs both before and after the treatment.

How long is the waiting time for a treatment?

The waiting time for a transplant, depending on the type of treatment (FUE or FUT), is on average  3 to 4 weeks.

Which hair transplant method is best?

This depends on the individual. This is because each method has advantages and disadvantages. For instance, with the FUE method it will be necessary to shave your (donor area) if more than 500 grafts are needed. If you do not want to shaved, then the FUT method is better. But if you have very short hair, the FUE method would be more suitable as it does not leave any visible scars.  But also your hair situation such as the size of the baldhead, the thickness and colour of your hair can have an influence on the choice of the transplantation technique. As you can see each hair transplant method is very different. Therefore based on your own hair situation and expectations, it is very important that you discuss all the options with your consultant beforehand.

What are the disadvantages of an FUE hair transplant?

An FUE hair transplant is quite labour intensive for doctors and nurses. Therefore, the transplant is more expensive than an FUT hair transplant. In addition, you must be completely shaved and fewer grafts can be transplanted in one day compared to an FUT treatment. The grafts that are extracted from the donor area have often only 1 to 2 hair roots, whereas with an FUT treatment a graft can have between 1 to 4 hair roots. Therefore, when an equal amount of grafts are transplanted the result of an FUE treatment is usually or can be less dense compared to an FUT treatment. 

What are the advantages of an FUT hair transplant?

An FUT hair transplant is less labour intensive for physicians. As a result, more grafts can be transplanted in one day. These grafts (hair groups) may contain up to 4 hair roots per graft and therefore a better result can be achieved with the same amount of grafts compared to the result of an FUE treatment. A large team of 6 to 8 highly trained medical assistants, and the surgeon carry out the treatment, which makes it possible to transplant up to 3000 grafts in a short period of time (4 to 5 hours). Because the treatment is largely carried out by the medical team, the cost is lower than an FUE treatment.

How much does a consultation cost?

A consultation with us is free. During this consultation we will properly explain what is possible and impossible.

What is the difference between an FUE and an FUT hair transplantation?

The major difference between these methods is the way in which the grafts are removed. With the FUE method, the grafts are removed one by one from the donor area. With the FUT procedure, a piece of skin is removed from the donor area. Under microscope the grafts are then prepared in hair groups of one to four hair roots.