Aydin - I am so happy!

Vanity? Maybe, but being completely bald did not sit well with me.

I even had nightmares about it. But secretly I also dreamed of a solution for my baldness. And that dream has finally come true! After a long period of well-intentioned advice and much hesitation, I finally decided to proceed with a hair transplant.  Of course I was very tentative about the whole procedure but it turned out much better than expected. The hours spent in the treatment chair has certainly paid off!

The only discomfort I had was at the donor area, the place where they had taken the hair from; that was a little sensitive for a while. I was told that the transplanted hairs would not start to grow or appear until at least 4 months after the treatment. Every day I looked in the mirror to see if anything was happening.  But behold, the wait was rewarded. After four months, I could clearly see new hairs appearing all over the treated area.  And now instead of having just some thin hair, I have a full bunch of hair again.  I am so happy and the money and effort it took to get here was certainly not in vain!

Anyone who still has doubts about it, I would like to assure them that when your hair looks good it makes you feel more confident and generally much happier. It determines to a large extent your outer appearance. Of course everybody wants to look his or her best when facing another day! Transhair made this happen for me and a 'bad hair day' is now an exception!