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In 1989, Transhair started performing hair transplantations. At the time, the use of the hole-punch method was still one of the most popular methods. Five to eight treatments were necessary to achieve a reasonable result. This was one of the reasons for Transhair to scrutinise the limitations of the treatment and to look for a better solution. It had to be possible to cut and implant more and smaller follicular units/ grafts (hair transplant consisting of one or more hairs) within the same time frame. The demand for this solution appeared to be so large that over a period of three years Transhair quickly had five clinics in Germany and the Netherlands. Transhair, now located in Vlijmen and with clinics throughout the Netherlands and Germany, is one of the largest hair transplantation clinics in the world. 

Our hair surgeons authorities in the field of hair surgery. They have more than six thousand treatments under their belts and perform six hundred treatments at Transhair Netherlands each year. The Transhair clinics in Germany and the Netherlands have already performed more than 30,000 successful treatments.

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Quality is no coincidence in our clinic. We want to ensure our clients of excellent quality. Not only to meet the expectations of the client, but to exceed them. In addition, we realise that such expectations statements are subject to constant change. What is new today and is progressive, is old news tomorrow and outdated. Along with the endorsements that Transhair has achieved, we will give you the assurance that you are in safe and expert hands.


Practice makes perfect

What makes Transhair unique is the approach: a complete team of our specialists works simultaneously on a single hair transplantation. They exchange information and insights that contribute towards guaranteeing an optimum result. Above all, this helps them to accrue an enormous amount of knowledge and experience because, through the regular execution of a procedure, they can increasingly improve their skills. 'Practice makes perfect'. A saying that is borne out by Transhair.

Cor de Loijer - Consultant

Steffie - Medical Assistant

Marleen Klomp - Hair Pigmentation Specialist

Marleen - Medical Assistant

Dr K. Leonhardt - Doctor