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Leading hair clinic Transhair® has long been the specialist in the field of hair transplantations. Transhair ® leads the field in at least three areas: experience, expertise and an exceptionally personal approach. We offer you the best and latest treatments with the most modern techniques. Each treatment is performed really listen to you.

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Hair transplant - 05/01/2013

"When your hair looks good it makes you feel more confident and generally much happier. It determines to a large extent your outer appearance. Of course everybody wants to look his or her best when facing another day! Transhair made this happen for me and a 'bad hair day' is now an exception! "

In 1989, Transhair started performing hair transplantations. At the time, the use of the hole-punch method was still one of the most popular methods. Five to eight treatments were necessary to achieve a reasonable result. This was one of the reasons for Transhair to scrutinise the limitations of the treatment and to look for a better solution. It had to be possible to cut and implant more and smaller follicular units/ grafts (hair transplant consisting of one or more hairs) within the same time frame. The demand for this solution appeared to be so large that over a period of three years Transhair quickly had five clinics in Germany and the Netherlands. Transhair, now located in Vlijmen and with clinics throughout the Netherlands and Germany, is one of the largest hair transplantation clinics in the world. 

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